Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Congratulations to Dave Miller

I have a line below that says that it would be shocking news if Dave Miller were elected 2nd VP.

He was. I'm shocked...but not displeased.

Dave is not a flame thrower or a bomb lobber. He will not embarrass us. He will work in whatever modest fashion 2nd VPs can work towards convention unity and Cooperative Program support.  

I am not in convention hallways to hear thge buzz but my conjecture is that,

1. Calvinists who were present have some concerns about Eric Hankins, particularly over the preamble and introduction to the Statement.
2. One not-so-hot characteristic of bloggers is that they can be painfully introspective and talk about blogging a lot. This year will mark the date that somewhat of a divide was crossed in which blogging can pull and drive considerable votes. SBCVoices is a widely read site. There is critical mass now.

Hankins should be on any C/T panel.

Congratulations to Dave Miller.

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