Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The SBC: Always the best show in town

I don't think our grand denominationcould stand something like the SBC annual meeting more than a couple of days each year.

A few observations:

Election of Fred Luter was an authentic, unadulterated, genuine moment. We SBCers deserve one of those occasionally.

The name change debate was a curiosity (I watched it live, in my basement of course). The SBC has always been a convention full of  parliamentarians. Barry McCarty is worth the big bucks we pay him.

Face time is always important to some obscure SBCers but we are all equal at the annual meeting and if you can grab a mic you have as much right to display your nonsense as anyone else.

The name non-change vote will be forthcoming but I suppose it will have passed comfortably but not overwhelmingly. Then 90% of us can forget about that and those who have been all exercised about it can find something else to get apoplectic about.

Bryant Wright has always seemed to hit the proper notes. He is easily the best presiding officer since Adrian Rogers.

We will see what Frank Page has in mind on a Calvinist/Traditionalist "panel." There are some traditionalists who are rather militant. I'm not sure where this is going.

While we are at it, I like Wright's gentle admonition of the Calvinists: To our Calvinist friends: A bit of humility would be most welcome. Wonder where he got the idea that such was lacking?

To be fair, Wright's admonition of Traditionalists: It is time to show some respect for those of differing views when it comes to election and when it comes to salvation." 

It will be interesting to see how many votes blogger Dave Miller can pull this morning. He is well known among the blogging tribe and not known as a heavily partisan figure, nor a bomb thrower or troublemaker. If I were present he would have my vote. I like him. He has a sense of humor and he needs encouraging after his beloved Yankees got beaten by the Atlanta Braves last night.

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