Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NAMB search committee has a guy for their CEO

...set to vote on him Sep 14:

Presidential vote by NAMB trustees slated Sept. 14

I get a little nervous when people on the search committee say stuff like this:

"I am delighted to report to you that our search team has found God's man to be nominated as the next president of NAMB. Our team has prayerfully considered several impressive candidates.

They had God's man the last two times, even gave a sterling evaluation of the last one just prior to forcing him out...but I'm trying to be optimistic.

And, yeah, I know that "God's man" is the boilerplate language we always use for this kind of thing but can't we be a little more humble?

The interim would be a good, safe choice.

We will see.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

I'm waiting for a corporate board to say:

"After much prayer, we have found God's man to run our corporation"

Not that God led us through this process and we feel we have found the right man...no, it has to be "God's man".

Have they ever found "God's woman" for anything?

Norm said...

Jax: Have they ever found "God's woman" for anything?

Norm: Would God suggest such? I believe God would, but the culture of SBC is not ready for such and such would not be recognized if God were thus speaking in the first place. If that is correct, then God is probably not leading the group toward a woman; but given the assumption that God is working to set people and culture free to experience and promote abundant living, God is likely lovingly moving the committee in said direction, if only, currently, slowly developing ground so that one day women in SBC may lead and serve as pastors. That is, given current SBC, God cannot get there at the moment; but is likely, nonetheless, preparing people to, in their small way, remove obstacles that prevent the emergence, embrace, and celebration of female leadership. Surely as the spirit moved about unhindered when Paul was imprisoned in Rome, women at some point in the SBC will be pastors and provide oversight for and to SBC theological enterprises, to which men will report and praise God for their competent leadership, pastoral and otherwise. In all likelihood, if I do not die prematurely for one of my generation, I will live to see that day.