Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plodder's Top Ten SBC stories of 2010

I'm getting ahead of Baptist Press who will probably do this stuff next week. I don't have to check with my boss, the PR guy.

And I’m going from memory here, somewhat of a risky proposition, since I have failed to remember a two item grocery list numerous times. If I don’t remember an SBC story, it couldn’t have been too important. How’s that for blogging narcissism?

1. Great Commission Resurgence Task Force recommendations adopted. The megachurch people met, cobbled together some recommendations, and the ordinary, workaday, SBC messengers passed them.

2. Kevin Ezell takes over at NAMB. Who would have thunk it a year ago? A megapastor exhibiting little or no support for the two major funding streams at NAMB (CP and Annie Armstrong) is elected to run the outfit.

3. Frank Page takes over at the Executive Committee. From Taylors, SC to Nashville, via Alpharetta.

4. Bryant Wright elected SBC president. Alternate headline: Megapastor who unabashedly cut Cooperative Program giving in his church elected new SBC leader.

5. Kevin Ezell slashes jobs at NAMB.

6. A number of state conventions declare they will move to a 50/50 Cooperative Program split. Sub-headline: Wiggle words place commitments in doubt.

7. Wade Burleson stops blogging. Like him or not, he is (or was) the SBC’s chief blogger.

8. Frank Page demotes Baptist Press. He won’t have to go far to deal with BP, just across the hall to the PR department.

9. Ergun Caner mess.

10. GuideStone changes annuity funding formula. If you don’t think this is a major story, talk to anyone nearing retirement age in the SBC, a not insubstantial number of pastors, staff, and denominational employees.

I reserve the right to change my list based on reaction from my couple dozen readers.

Have a nice Christmas.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

William - good list. I would add on an "also receiving votes" list: FBC Dallas commits to spending $120 million on new campus, then blows up old buildings with Big Red Button.

Blake said...

Michael Spencer (aka Internet Monk) died. RIP.

William Thornton said...

Your lawsuit received consideration for the list also, Watchdog.

Blake, I never got around to reading IM but understand many did.

Tim said...

You forgot to mention that we had another birth in the family. :) How could you forget an addition to the Dahl House. :)

Tim Dahl

William said...

Yeah, Tim, sorry about that.

Here's the headline: Dahl doing diapers...again.

Tim said...

LOL! This made me smile first, and end with an all out laugh. :)