Monday, October 17, 2011

Old fashioned Baptist politics is alive and well in Georgia, for good or ill.

In less than a month the Georgia Baptist Convention will have their annual meeting and elect a president. In thirty years as a pastor I have never seen as vigorously contested an election as this one.

There are two candidates, Fred Evers and John Waters. Both are good men. Both give heavily to the Cooperative Program. Both are outstanding pastors.

Fred Evers has a website.

John Waters has a website.

Starting back in August, I began to receive emails from former GBC presidents touting Fred Evers. His wife even has a mass email promoting his candidacy.

Both men are holding meet-and-greet sessions. I don't know Waters' schedule but Fred Evers stated that he was having fifty, that's five-zero, of these meetings aroung the state.

Fifty? That's several per week. Serious campaigning.

Georgia is and has been solidly conservative. There is no moderate group active in the Georgia Baptist Convention. Manifestly, that doesn't mean that intra-inerrantist politics cannot be white hot.

So, here we go...for good or ill.

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Anonymous said...

So what exactly is the hubbub? Is one GA establishment and one anti? Is one SBC establishment - friends with Mohler, Akin et al and the other not? What's the choice? Pro GCR or not? Pro name change or anti?