Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Resolution of the Consolation (GA) Baptist Association

This is the entire text of the resolution of the Consolation Baptist Association in Georgia as sent to me on May 25, 2012 by Joe McGee, Associational Missionary. The final paragraph on the SBC name change looks out of place but I copied the document here verbatim.

Resolution to Encourage Support of State Baptist Conventions

       Whereas, there is a growing dissatisfaction among many small town and rural Baptist churches with the course of direction being charted by some of the leaders of our national convention; and

       Whereas, there is a growing perception that the Southern Baptist Convention is being inordinately influenced by certain mega-church pastors and certain SBC leaders; and many small town and rural Baptist churches feel disenfranchised and that they no longer have a voice; and

       Whereas, there is a perception that the search committees and entity leaders appear to often select those who are a part of their network, irrespective of their Church’s Cooperative Program giving record; and many of those individuals who have been appointed to special committees (such as the Great Commission Task Force and the Committee to Study the Changing of the Convention’s Name) are presidents of our agencies and institutions and have been placed in a position where there is a conflict of interest; and *

       Whereas, many small town and rural churches do not have the financial strength and staff like the larger churches and often need assistance from the local associations and state conventions; and

       Whereas, Great Commission Giving allows churches to give to their preferred SBC mission project or institution which in some cases has had a negative affect upon state conventions resulting in those state conventions being limited in the assistance they can give to their member churches in terms of ministry training, pastoral assistance, leadership development, etc. and thus negatively impacting many small town and rural churches; and

       Whereas, small town and rural Baptist associations have often worked in partnership with their state conventions to provide resources (educational, evangelistic, missions, leadership training, etc.) on the local level; and

       Whereas, there is no such partnership that links the local church or association to the Southern Baptist Convention; and

       Whereas, some churches have already reduced their contributions to the Cooperative Program due to their displeasure with the national convention; and

       Whereas this has negatively impacted certain state conventions;

                Therefore, be it resolved, that the Administration Committee of the Consolation Baptist Association encourages each church to “consider” designating (25-35%) of their Cooperative Program allocations to state missions and direct the balance to the Cooperative Program.

                The intent of this resolution is not to denigrate the Cooperative Program, but provide adequate support for the state convention so that it will have the funds necessary to fulfill its mission in providing assistance to those churches that need the support, training, and encouragement that only a state convention can provide.

                Be it finally resolved that the Consolation Baptist Association encourages all of our Southern Baptist churches and associations to give prayerful consideration to this resolution.

                *Over the years there have been multiple attempts to change the name of the Southern Baptist Convention and each attempt to do so was soundly rejected. The current committee appointed by the Convention President was never voted on and has no more of an official status than a committee appointed by any other Convention messenger. Though the recommendation suggests that the name is only a descriptor title, there is no assurance that the descriptor will not replace the name “Southern Baptist” in the future after people become accustomed to it).

Approved April 23, 2012.

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