Wednesday, August 15, 2012

While we talk Calvin, Tebow, and Jefferson...

Christians in America are disputing and discussing such weighty matters as Thomas Jefferson's Christian attitude and devotion or lack thereof.

We are debating whether or not it is proper for an orthodox follower of Christ to cast their presidential vote for a Mormon, Mitt Romney, rather than for a declared Christian, Barack Obama.

We will certainly take time this fall to praise or criticize celebrity Christian athletes and entertainers.

Which elite athletes in London are real believers?

And will Tim Tebow continue to do his Christian celebratory antics after success in entertaining millions by moving an oblate spheroid down a nicely grassed field and across an arbitrary line? How about the shirtless footballer in GQ?

Christians in America find pride in spending a lot of money, for Jesus of course - a gazillion for a spiffy fountain that points people to Jesus.

Our occupation with all of the above is in stark contrast to what concerns Christians elsewhere, as the headline of a Wall Street Journal story of last Saturday illustrates:

Can Syria's Christians survive?

Sort of provides a bit of perspective.

We're building fountains while Christians in one of the places most central to Christian history may be eliminated altogether.

There is a spot on the Damascus road where Christianity's most important conversion  occurred. Christians may become extinct in that area.

Sure, there's not a lot we can do about it...except pray.

But then, that's no small thing itself. Let's do it.

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