Saturday, January 31, 2015

C. B. Scott is a hero of mine...

...for a number of reasons not the least of which is his refusal to sign a nondisclosure agreement in order to receive a severance package from Brewton-Parker College, a Georgia Baptist institution that we Georgia Baptists put about a million dollars a year in Cooperative Program funds.

So, he's fired sans any severance. Follow the links.

Yes, I know that there is more to the story but Christian churches, institutions, and agencies demanding nondisclosure agreements from their brothers in Christ is a scandal on its own.

We Southern Baptist Christians, followers of Christ, imitators of Christ, lovers of one another, servants of all express ourselves best when there is openness and transparency even in times of stress and failure.

Many seem to have forgotten or ignored that.


dr, james willingham said...

Cheers for CB. He has proved that there are Southern Baptists who can stand up for the truth - even in the face of efforts to cover it up. What most people do not realize is that we are in need of openness. Today, I can not locate one of my former pastors )not one from long ago), but one from 1997-2000. Why? Because we no longer have annuals of our state or Southern Baptist Convention. Likewise, one cannot go through the internet of the state or Southern conventions to locate an instate pastor. Even his former members can't locate him. We don't think he is hiding; we think the set up has hidden him as it does all of us from one another, but not from our government. Openness is essential to a representative democracy or to a denomination based upon like principles. Just think what they hide from us; it is as if the Moderates were in power again, but this time it is Conservatives pulling the same stunts. And they are even more effective as pastors do not want their addresses known. Pretty soon, we will not be able to locate churches, and ministers will not even know they are from the same denomination. Guess what that means to our mission program. If I was the Devil, I could not think of a better plan to kill the CP than by a benign neglect and by hidden stuff going on that is a real detriment to our type of church organization. Thank you CB for standing up for the truth; it is always right to stand up for the truth, when it involves misleading people.

Ron said...

The is the second time CB has been fired from a Baptist institution for speaking the truth.