Thursday, March 24, 2016

A new, Cooperative Program nominee for SBC president

Maundy Thursday special by Baptist Press: David Crosby to be SBC presidential nominee

A non-megachurch, above average Cooperative Program giving church pastor is the latest nominee for SBC president: David Crosby of First Baptist New Orleans. One could almost sense that someone like him was sure to be offered as an alternative to the two mega-pastors whose churches give below the average CP percentage.

Crosby's church is at 7% which is above the SBC average of 5.5%. The BP story doesn't include any Great Commission Giving percentage for the church but says "total mission giving" (mission spending that includes both SBC and non-SBC causes) is 22%.

 The pastor's statement to BP about his nomination included the term "cooperation" four times and "Cooperative Program" one time. I think we get the thrust here. The other two candidates are well below the SBC average CP percentage.

We've got three presidential candidates:

  • One old-school mega-church, mega-pastor, Steve Gaines
  • One new-school mega-church, mega-pastor, J. D. Greear
  • One above average CP, large church pastor, David Crosby.
These are all good men and high achievers in SBC life. Take your pick.

All we need now is a small church pastor nominee and everyone will have a preferred choice.


Kevin said...

He would have my vote. I attended First Baptist New Orleans back when I was studying at NOBTS. He's a great guy.

William Thornton said...

Sounds like he is super, Kevin.