Friday, July 23, 2010

Tattoos, BWA, BGCT, BP

Friday random plods:

My hero for the week: Savannah, GA police Chief Willie Lovett who said, “This isn’t an art gallery, it’s a police department,” referring to his tattooed officers. He ordered them to hide their colorful self-mutilations under clothing, bandages or makeup. Hooray for him. What municipality wants its police force to look like the thuggish NBA?

David Montoya continues his lonely populist crusade against bureaucracy in the Baptist General Convention of Texas. His Texas colleague Rick Davis comments that the BGCT keeps 77% of contributions ‘in house.’ Another commenter is finally getting around to asking if his church might make better use of what they are now sending to the BGCT. I’m guessing that all the state conventions are dealing with churches being more attentive to what happens when they mail the checks.

Relative irrelevancy of the year (so far): Baptist Press’ stream of stories from the World Cup in South Africa. Why?

At the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Amsterdam one speaker said, "I would go so far to say that they [the SBC] probably need us even more than we need them…" I don’t know about that, although it seems as if the SBC is going to jettison Bobby Welch’s Global whatever.

Christa Brown of Stop Baptist Predators speculates that the research that shows that clergy sexual misconduct three times as frequent in black churches as in white is due to Baptist autonomy. I speculate "not so." Perhaps the researchers will offer a breakdown of their stuff. It should be a simple matter to compare black and white Baptist churches.

I never thought I would preside over the funerals of both of my parents but have now done so. It was an honor and a privilege. After attending a funeral of a relative, my mother would usually comment, “That was too long” and “I’m not sure I recognize the person the preacher was talking about.” I think she would have been pleased with hers on both counts


David Montoya said...


Most people are too destroyed by the death of a parent to even think during their funeral. Only someone who had a strong relationship of honoring both God and parents could do so. Thank you for your witness of our Lord's sustaining power.

Anonymous said...

The BP World Cup stories were about Baptist evangelism in South Africa. Certainly that's relevant.

William Thornton said...

Anon, yeah, I got the idea. It just looks like a lot of PR. I don't get why BP offers sports reporting either. Sorry.

foxofbama said...

Is there a chance you may post your Eulogy for your Mother. Whatever differences we have on the Baptist mess, I am proud of you for conducting her service.

I would like to see what you said. My Mother died 22 years ago and I still miss her; no matter the comforts of Scripture and the Holy Spirit which I embrace more than you and Montoya may think.
I remember watching a Wagner opera on PBS couple years after Momma died and his hero sand the Phrase "Oh How I miss My Mother" and I was a basket case for about 7 minutes.

Norm said...

Norm: I am sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. God's peace be with you in the days ahead.

Jonathan said...

I have do doubt that your Mother was pleased. Our prayers are with you. Keep on plodding, brother

William Thornton said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.