Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Friday stuff: Paterno/Mohler, Perry/Cain,

Paterno is out, his final chapter, an ugly one, being written for him. It didn't have to end this way.

Al Mohler steps up to say more elegantly what I said earlier, and plainer: Pick up the phone. Call the cops.

But the problem for Southern Baptists is more complicated. The PSU crimes are years in the past. What happens today when SBC churches or clergy are accused or involved in crimes a decade or more in the past? Ask Christa Brown. I don't have a simple, plain solution.

And does Al Mohler have a copy of This Little Light in his reknown library?

We are a nation of political pundits. Here's my punditry:

Rick Perry, continuing to be the incredible shrinking candidate, wants to be Commander in Chief, not Debater in Chief. Sorry, demonstrate competence in simple things before being given the presidency. His latest gaffe makes him more likeable but less electable.

Hummon, bro, 9-9-9 cannot be the answer to every question posed to you. I'm afraid Cain has reached his high water mark even if you excise the sexual harrassment talk of the past two weeks.

Huntsman, Santorum, are all just taking up valuable time that the other candidates, ones who actually have a chance of winning, might use. Declare victory and depart.


Big Daddy Weave said...

So who is really left as a viable Romney-alternative?

The only two folks you didn't mention are Ron Paul and Newt. We know Paul has hit his ceiling.

Newt now seems to be emerging as the Romney-alternative due to Cain's problems and Perry's gaffes. But Newt really has gotten a pass because nobody thinks he'll be the nominee. Upon closer scrutiny, folks will remember his many problems.

You know, Perry refused to debate his Dem opponent Bill White in 2010. Had Perry done 2-3 debates with White, I think it's likely the guy would be an ex-Governor right now.

He really does keep "stepping in it." The interesting thing is that Perry - unlike many of the other candidates - does have a ton of money and still has lots of oilmen who will cut him checks, if only to trash Mitt Romney.

Poor Pawlenty. He coulda stayed in the race, improved a little and be in the position come December to really take on Romney.

I don't get why more GOPers don't get behind Romney. Yea, he's got the flip-flop problem. But Romney is really a solid candidate. I think people can see him as President.

I can also see Huntsman as President. But the fact that someone like myself wouldn't cry-at-night if Huntsman were elected is one reason he'd never get the nomination.

William Thornton said...

I like Romney. He is presidential, electable, and likeable. I'm just worried about my SBC colleagues who gehenna-bent on re-electing Obama.

Lee said...

Having lived in Texas for all but the last 15 months of Perry's term as governor, I knew that his popularity would be a flash in the pan. At some point, he would have to open his mouth, and it would all be downhill from there. Aside from the fact that he has an awful accent and sounds like a hick, he's really not all that sharp, either. I think the country in general, and the GOP in particular, has learned its lesson about putting Texas governors in the White House. Other than Arizona, Mississippi and South Carolina, Texas is the nation's most politically backward state. Its run by energy and corporate interests who don't pay taxes or decent wages, resulting in the highest poverty rates in the country, a pitiful public education system with the nation's lowest test scores, a crumbling infrastructure and a growing crime rate. Thank goodness Perry no longer has any kind of a chance.

In the race for the White House, the GOP is in dire straits. The extremists on the right won't support a mainstream flip flopper like Romney. The candidates that the extremists love, Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, will push independents and even moderate Republicans over to Obama. Paul and Gingrich don't stand a chance. Santorum and Huntsman are bare blips on the radar screen in their own party. It's probably too late for a viable alternative to Romney, who will lose by as large an electoral vote as McCain did in 2008. The best the GOP will do this time around is keep a grip, albeit a weaker one, on the House, and bide their time until 2016 to see if they've got something going then for the Senate and the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Also the DFW area has one of the highest incidences for sex traffiking. Furthermore, it has a high rate of teens smoking pot for the first time by the age of 12. Ron Paul really dumbs down this issue entirely. THC, the active ingredient, is over 30 times higher in pot than it was in the sixties.