Friday, December 3, 2010

Sharia, Stars, Grumpy, Cheating Teachers, and Cam Newton

Scientists now say that there are three times more stars in the universe than previously thought. That gets the number up to the neighborhood of 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or so. If I missed a zero, who’s counting? And I’m with Carl Sagan here. With that many stars and untold numbers of planets, there has to be life elsewhere. We are still discovering God’s creation, no?

Our patriotic Oklahomans, striking a blow against Sharia law, did they, by passing a law that bars Oklahoma courts from considering Shariah law when deciding cases? "Go for it," say some commentators, and, while you're are at it, pass a law against pink unicorns pooping in Oklahoma parks. Both have the same level of significance in the Sooner state, says Leonard Pitts Gotta love the guy for the way he puts it.

A Brazilian clown, “Grumpy”, was elected to the Brazilian congress with 1.3 million votes. Opponents sued to have him disqualified, asserting that he cannot read or write. Good news for Grumpy. A judge says he’s just fine, can read and write, and is approved to serve. Plodder’s News Flash for Brazilians: Being able to read and write does not a decent legislator make. Take a look at the US Congress.

Four US banks received loans from the Fed of over a TRILLION dollars each. Egad. Can you create money out of thin air? Indeed you can.

Big cheating scandal in Atlanta public schools. “Expel or fail the students,” you might say? Nope. The teachers were doing the cheating and not one or two rogue ones, over a hundred. They deliberately changed students’ answers, gave them correct answers and other methods of cheating on the important CRCT tests. Predictably, some blame the testing system saying that the teachers were compelled to cheat...and we expect these students to learn just what from this?

Cam Newton is innocent. Sure. And my three cats just flew over the moon.


foxofbama said...

Cam Newton is indeed innocent. The system is corrupt. Read the Pulitzer book on the basketball factories.
Read Howell Raines on George Wallace and the Bear, the 83 story revived online at The New Republic.

Anonymous said...

You're suddenly an Auburn fan?