Thursday, December 29, 2011

Notable SBC quotes from 2011

Folks in the SBC are always good for some quotable quotes although I wouldn't say that they are always helpful for the Convention. Here are some that I picked up from 2011:

Goebbelesque quote of the year:
Restoration to doctrinal purity and a renewed sense of unity in the churches of our Association were our goals.
This from the official communication of Surry Baptist Association, NC.

So, what’s the issue? Deity of Christ? Soteriology? The trinity? Nope.

What happened was that one of the association's churches called a woman pastor, thereby polluting the pastoral gender pool for the association. That bit of “impurity” could not be allowed to stand. It didn't, as the offending church was unceremoniously and hastily cast out. Other churches left in time over the association's action, thereby adding, one presumes, additional levels of purity.

One has to admit that the terminology has a strong eugenics flavor. Plodder will accept criticism for the use of a National Socialist Party figure in this context as it may be considered overly harsh. If persuaded, I will exchange it for 'Orwellian'.

Head-scratching quote of the year:
I think the challenges confronting the SBC today are different than they have been in decades past. I think one of the issues which is a tremendous challenge for us is the theological divide of Calvinism and non-Calvinism.
This from Executive Committee head Frank Page in answer to the question about what the SBC’s greatest challenges are. This would be the self same Frank Page who is in a better position to understand well that the lifeblood of the SBC is the Cooperative Program which is continuing a decades long decline. The CP was not mentioned by Page as one of the SBC's greatest challenges.

From another planet quote of the year:
First, there is an existing [negative] attitude toward evangelists in certain areas of SBC leadership.
This from evangeilst Jerry Drace who was explaining why the SBC evangelist is an endangered species. This was reason number one. SBC evangelists are endangered because NAMB won't pay their travel expenses. Uh, no.

Dodged-a-bullet quote of the year: one [on the SBC Name Change Task Force] believed the word "Baptist" should be removed from the convention's name
Jimmy Draper explaining that the Committee had reached a decision and would report to the Executive Committee in February.

We will remain Baptists. SBCers might all get tattoos and grow goatees but, however we look and act, our forefathers may rest peacefully knowing that we will officially be called "Baptists."

Generic apology quote-of-the-year:
I deeply regret if I've ever offended you...if you speak as speak as much as I speak you're going to say some goofy things from time to time.
Mac Brunson, FBCJax megapastor, addressing everyone in general and thereby expiating any and all sins in one fell pulpit swoop.

It is not known if the blogger behind FBCJax Watchdog, the one who aroused Brunson's ire and who was investigated by local law enforcement merely for blogging negatively towards the pastor, was addressed specifically in this apology. One might be flummoxed over the meaning of the phrase "deeply regret" in this context. He is absolutely right about those who say a lot do say some things they will regret. I share in that.

Refreshing quote of the year:
I will not personally support any At Large appointment of a person who has recently served. Nor will I support the appointment of that person’s staff member or a member of his/her immediate family to key places of leadership, practices which have become commonplace in recent years.
This quote is rather provincial, coming from John Waters newly elected president of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Any SBCer who pays attention understands that an oligarchy of a few dozen prominent pastors maintains control of key positions and trusteeships in most SBC arenas in part by passing appointments among themselves and, when by-laws prevent their being appointed, by having their family members or church staff members appointed as their proxy.

I attribute Waters' electoral victory this year to this quote.

Most notable Baptist Press quote: Sorry, there were none. Baptist Press was so busy reporting sports stories that they left all of the real news stuff to Associated Baptist Press and other news outlets. Maybe next year.

My memory fades after a few weeks. Perhaps you would have some submissions for notable SBC quotes of 2011.


Dave Miller said...

"Most notable Baptist Press quote: Sorry, there were none. Baptist Press was so busy reporting sports stories that they left all of the real news stuff to Associated Baptist Press and other news outlets. Maybe next year."

That was worth the price of admission here, William.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

William -Brunson's apology certainly was not directed at me. It more than likely was to his congregation for the whining he did in the week previous to the apology where he complained about how tough his life is as pastor, and how he never really wanted to come to be their pastor but God "drove him" to be their pastor.

Anonymous said...

If God was driving him to be a pastor of a people that he did not want to pastor, did he share THAT with the people BEFORE they called him?

Six-figure salary along with the ability to hand-off tasks left and right and then a poor, pitiful me whine?

Will someone tell him just how good he has it? If he truly wants a struggle, such churches are out there and the needs of the people will break your heart. But the rewards of such a pastorate are of a different order.