Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is Steve Gaines is running paid social media news feeds in his campaign?

I expect all of the three candidates for SBC president to get their messages out. J. D. Greear has a series of short YouTube pieces covering a number of topics relevant to the SBC. David Crosby has some interviews but not much else that I have seen. Steve Gaines has some videos similar to Greear's, along with media interviews.

Steve Gaines, or someone on his behalf, appears to have some "sponsored" media, news feed stuff, touting his candidacy. This is curious and, best I can tell, new to SBC presidential campaigns.

I don't have a problem with it but think it an interesting development.

There is a possibility that I, a low tech Luddite who defiantly and proudly carries a dumb phone, is interpreting something wrongly here but "sponsored content" is a paid ad, right?

I am open to being corrected and/or further instructed on this but an SBC-oriented website stated that one of the three candidates was using paid ads. Is this what they meant?

Any of the three candidates would be fine but this is an escalation in denominational politics.

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