Monday, December 12, 2011

Name change committee sez we can continue to be 'Baptists'

Well...good. I was wondering if I could ever be comfortable saying that I was a proud non-southern, non-baptist, generic something-or-other.

SBC name change task force reaches decision

That's a real tickler of a headline by Baptist Press.

What decision?

Well, we're not exactly told but it (them?) was unanimous.

Jimmy Draper did say,
...the task force understands its charge is limited to reporting back to Wright and that no one believed the word "Baptist" should be removed from the convention's name.

Soooo...we will remain Baptists and that puts the matter back to Plodder's SBC Name Change Designer wherein you can mix some denominational terminology together but must keep "Baptist" in the mix.

We will just be guessing what the grand Name Change Committee will report to the SBC Executive Committee on February 20th.


Anonymous said...

Baptist Convention of North America

William Thornton said...

I could live with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure anyone actually cares.